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Dhruv Pump is one of the leading Manufacturer of high quality Steam Jet Ejector, Water Jet Ejector, Vacuum Jet Ejectors, Vacuum System, Vacuum Pumps, PP Pumps & Sparkler Pumps.

Water Jet Erector

Dhruv pump is manufacturing Water jet ejector & this ejector is using Water instred of Steam. Motive fluid can be some other liquid also. Normal range for a Water Jet Ejector is from atmosphere to 45 mm hg abs depending upon the water temperature. These water jet ejectors are generally employed for lifting, mixing, emptying out liquid or slurries from tanks & pits. Water jet ejector convert water into a motive force.

The water in the machine is induced and condensates are condensed. Separated non condensed gases are then compressed in the diffuser and discharged into a constant level of sea water tank against atmospheric pressure.

The pressure ejected by these injectors depends on the temperature of water or any other motivating fluids. Mostly absolute pressure nearly equals to the vapor pressure of the operating liquid at operating temperature.

These injectors serve the purpose best and are economical when condensable vapors are to be handled. Dhruv Pumps is a leading manufacturer of Water jet ejector in ankleshwar, gujarat, India & supplier of Water jet ejector in ankleshwar, gujarat, India.

Our clients can easily avail this Water Jet Ejector from us at industry leading price.

Salient Feature of Water Jet Erector

Material Construction of Water Jet Erector

Application of Water Jet Erector

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